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Are there metals that can respond to the creativity of human intelligence? Shape memory alloys, also called smart metals today, can do this. Especially in medicine, shape memory alloys are widely used. These metals, which can be restored by providing phase transformation at a specific temperature, have many uses in the medical field. For example, a filter that captures blood clots in the vessels used in biomedical applications has been developed. The anchor-shaped filter made of NiTi alloy wire is turned into a flat wire before it is inserted into the vein and after it is placed in the vein, it turns into its original shape, which will act by body heat and provide filter function; Thus, it provides the task of keeping the clots passing through the vein. A phase transformation that saves human life.

Varzene Metal is the first company who introduce these metals called nitinol to Turkiye. And it has always been the company of firsts. While it was established in 2007, it prioritized always the effort to do what is not exist, to reach the unattainable, and to consider the technology as the “shortest path to human” and made plans to jump one step further.

Varzene Metal who is followed closely in Europe and Turkiye, also today with the same thought and determination, is still trying to be an academy to a new generation of engineers, an important laboratory with its R&D works, a pioneer locomotive of the Turkish Industry with its production capacity and supply power.

Varzene Metal will still be ready for the key areas after today, and will continue to think, design, manufacture and deliver the most accurate steels for optimum results. As a part of the goal of reaching the league of developed countries, with its works based on scientific and technical solutions, Varzene Metal has determined the basic vision of being beneficial to the society and industry in an engineering ethics, and determined the main goal of modelling, designing, developing and producing of the high value-added products also in the coming years.


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The created thinking in the early years of the Republic of Turkey had opened the doors of a process leading up to produce airplane within 20-30 years.



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