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The machinery industry is of critical importance for countries to have product technologies and their own production. This is the main point being a developed economy. For this reason, especially developing countries should give a special importance and priority to the growth of the machinery industry and increase of competitiveness.

In addition, the Machinery Industry is at the forefront of world trade areas. Developed countries also direct the trade by making 60% of world machinery exports. It is almost the first condition of development, as it provides main input to all manufacturing and service sectors. Since 2000, total world exports increased by only twice, with an average of 15% of the catch Turkiye has reached a 10 times growth. However, this figure is still not sufficient, and the machinery industry maintains its strategic importance as the second area that creates the biggest foreign trade deficit after energy.

Turkish machinery industry, in the framework of Turkey's goal of becoming a developed and industrialized countries have a critical position and by the declared economic programs is considered as a priority industry.

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