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The development of nickel and cobalt alloys is closely related to modern aviation history. Most of the alloys used in aviation belong to the group known as super alloys. These alloys combine extreme temperature resistance with strong anticorrosive properties. Most super alloys contain nickel or cobalt as their main components. Stability at high temperatures, high friction strength, late fatigue behavior, slow crack propagation, toughness and resistance to high temperature oxidation include the critical properties of this material group.

Material production to the aviation and space industry represents the ultimate discipline of material production. Varzene Metal production facilities have all approvals and permits related to production processes and products.

Super alloys are melted by vacuum in VIM furnaces. In the case of special conditions, the triple melting procedure is used to ensure that the products meet the strict specifications of aerospace and aerospace applications. In this way, materials are produced in high purity and chemical analysis.

Tank Parça- Varzene
Tank Parça- Varzene

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The created thinking in the early years of the Republic of Turkey had opened the doors of a process leading up to produce airplane within 20-30 years.



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