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Let's take a closer look at the Anatolian Leopard in Varzene Metal's logo.

The Anatolian Leopard is the largest of the leopard species. His Latin name was given by the scientist Valenciennes in 1856. Panthera Pardus Tulliana still lives in Anatolia. This fact has now been proven. The Anatolian Leopard has a height of 2–2.5 meters. Its natural habitat is Eastern Anatolia, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

The last seen place of it was around Mersin. In 2013, its image was captured by photo traps in the Kackar Mountains. In the same year Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) declared that they have identified it at least 8 provinces in Turkiye. In 2015, Tubitak proved and announced the existence of this mysterious species to the public with DNA analysis results.

The Anatolian Leopard is at the top of the food chain and plays an important role in ensuring natural balance.

Varzene Metal's logo is the Anatolian Leopard.

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