Soft Magnetic Alloys

The soft magnetic material includes a wide variety of nickel-iron and nickel-cobalt soft magnetic alloys and pure iron for high-performance components that require high starting and maximum permeability, along with ease of manufacture.

Developed to produce sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and aerospace-grade alloys, these alloys are produced under ultra-controlled raw materials under controlled atmospheric conditions in Air Induction Melting, Vacuum Induction Purification and Vacuum Induction Melting furnaces. Special processes and techniques are used to melt and refine these materials. The final product is produced with a combination of forging, hot and cold rolling, cold drawing and heat treatment, depending on the usage characteristics.

Soft magnetic alloys are materials suitable for easy magnetization and demagnetization.

Soft magnetic materials are primarily used to increase or channel the flux produced by an electric current. The main parameter, usually acting as a value figure for soft magnetic materials, is relative permeability, a measure of how easily the material reacts to the applied magnetic field. Other main parameters of interest are forced, saturation magnetization, magneto-resistant eddy current structure and losses, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.


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